What is the price for a wedding?

Depending on what services you need, the range of our contracts are usually from $3500-9000.  A lot depends on the options you choose - ceremony, cocktail hour, reception etc. Travel in excess of two hours from Boston may require travel compensation.

Do you run sound for Ceremonies?

Yes! we can set up a sound system pretty much anywhere. Even on the beach where there's no electricity. We have you covered. We provide wireless lapel mics, wireless stand mics and more for your officiants, readers, bride & groom. Everyone will hear your vows loud and clear.

Do you specialize in any particular genre?
We try to cover as many genres, styles, eras of music as possible - Motown, Funk, Classic Rock, 80's, 90's, Contemporary hits, so as to appeal to a wide age range of guests and musical tastes.  We aim to get everyone out on the dance floor every night. 

Is the band a set lineup of musicians?

Yes. We find that having a set lineup that we use for every wedding makes our performances unique and seamless. The energy created on the dance floor is undeniable.  We have a deep roster of  experienced musicians to draw from in case of illness, emergency, or any other unforeseen circumstances such as Covid. 

Can we request songs, alter the set lists?
Sure! We will learn songs for your first dance, Father and bride dance etc.  If there are specific artists or songs you want to stay away from, we can do that too.  We aim to make your night the way you want it.

Where are you based/Do you travel?
We are based in the Boston area. We do travel for events and play throughout New England.  We can bring the party to you no matter where you are!

Why a Band/DJ Combo
The Combo allows us to keep music going throughout the night even when the band is on break.  You can select music for our DJ to play or you can let him do his thing.  All the bases are covered and there's never a dull moment.

Do you MC the event?
Yes.  We are very experienced at conducting a smooth flowing and stress free event so you can enjoy the celebration.  From introductions, to best man/maid of honor speeches, announcements, and of course the dancing, we will have the night flowing from beginning to end.  We will be in contact with you from the point of hiring to the day of the event, making sure that all details are met and everything runs smoothly.  

     How to Book Us

1 Contact Us

Fill out our quick and easy form on our home page.  We will then check our dates, and send you a rough quote. Ask us any questions; we want to get a feel for the kind of event you are planning. From there, we can provide you with more detailed information tailored to your specific event and needs.

2 Come to See Us Play

To save you gate-crashing someone’s wedding, Vibrant hosts regular ‘showcases’ where, over on hour or two, we try to give you as accurate an idea of what an event with us is like. Join us for a fun night! Sit down and talk to us one-on-one and meet the band - Live gigs dates are listed on our home page.

3 Place A Deposit

If you like what you see, you can reserve the band securely for your date by placing a 50% deposit. Payment can be made via check, credit card, bank transfer, Venmo or in person at a showcase. You don't need to have a perfectly defined schedule yet - just enough so that we know we're all on the same page.

Working With Us

4 Planning

By the time you have solidified everything from your venue, catering, decorations and logistics etc. the planning stage might take months- we'll help you as much as you'd like to work the music into the bigger picture. Or simply tell us the general vibe you're looking for, and we'll figure it all for you.

5 Confirmation

After you are satisfied with your final plan, we'll formally run through your times and plan for the day, and polish it all until we're all sure that it’s perfect. This usually happens with a final call around a week or two before the event, but sometimes earlier if you'd like.

6 On The Day

Our point person will handle everything, coordinating with the venue, event managers, photographers and other vendors to make sure everything flows smoothly. With everything organized, there is nothing more for you to think about on your day - other than marrying your partner and have an incredible day, celebrating with an amazing band!

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